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You may have wondered about the relatively recent Olivet Baptist Church “logo” that pops up here and there on the newsletters, letterheads, signs, church bulletins and nametags.  It may surprise you to know that there is much meaning in the logo that identifies uniquely with Olivet.


The cross outlined by the rectangle is reflective of the cross framed behind the baptismal and choir loft.  It contains five colors separated with what appears to be free-formed crescent shapes. If you look closely, you will see that the crescent shapes actually resemble cane leaves and were inspired by the sugar cane metal works decorating the front of the church sanctuary building, above our main front door.  If people don’t look up, most would not even know it’s there.  Our building was designed during a time when sugar cane was still predominant as an industry within the islands.  The material from which it was made also recalls the ironworks shop that existed on the property before we were a church.  In their creative foreknowledge, the architect of the church likely thought of the sugar cane representing something alive and growing.  The theme as it relates to our faith embodies our role as life harvesters, continually planting, nurturing and growing, reaping, and replanting.


The colors between the leaves are not typical, but are “blended” earthy colors that are connected to harvesting.  The bottom two colors are variations of green and brown earth, themes representing Teaching of the Word (through Bible study and discipleship) and Proclamation of the Word (through preaching and evangelism), which are foundations to the church.  The Word of God is our solid ground.


The middle two colors are warm, reddish hues, representing the outreaches of the church, Fellowship and Service.  These are the ministries that allow God’s Holy Spirit to touch people’s lives through love and care expressed with compassion through us, and in recognition of the sacrificed blood of Christ.


The top section is Worship, and the blue hue represents God’s glorious splendor, His heavenly realm, the majesty of Christ on His throne.  We are called to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  We are His bride and He is our groom.


Lastly, the name Olivet is separated into two colors, to highlight the word “LIVE.”  This word within a name had never been noted before, but ties in the thought of what it truly means to be in Christ, to be fully in Him with everything that we are and ever hope to be, His Holy Spirit living in us, guiding us every day.


May this simple logo be a reminder of our heritage and calling.


The Story behind the logo

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